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Full Service Interior Design

Denise Celia Living offers a comprehensive and tailored interior design service that transforms spaces into personalized works of art. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles, my team of experts oversees every aspect, from meticulous space planning to flawless final installation, ensuring a personalized and hassle-free journey through the world of design.

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Virtual Interior Design

Embark on a personalized design journey that seamlessly integrates remote communication through my Virtual Interior Design service. Redefine your living spaces from afar, as our expert designers provide you with customized plans and curated shopping lists. Effortlessly transform your vision into reality and bring your dream home to life, all while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of remote collaboration.

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Full Service Interior Design encompasses extensive projects, incorporating in-person consultations, thorough project management, on-site visits, furniture procurement, and hands-on installation. On the other hand, Virtual Interior Design provides a flexible and remote approach, focusing on one space at a time. It involves crafting custom design plans and shopping lists, allowing you to implement them independently based on your own schedule and budget.

To determine the service that aligns best with your lifestyle, consider key project factors such as time frame, size, scope, budget, and your desired level of involvement. Visit my Virtual Interior Design page and our Full Service Interior Design page for a detailed comparison, allowing you to explore the distinctions more comprehensively and select the service that precisely meets your project requirements.

I provide both Full Service Interior Design and Virtual Interior Design, each with its distinct pricing structure. My commitment is to maintain competitive pricing that accurately reflects the value and expertise I bring to every project. Virtual Interior Design comes with a flat-rate model, ensuring transparency and simplicity. For example, a two-bedroom house design package is usually priced at around R25,000, while a per-room design package starts at R5,500. Full-Service Interior Design is billed at an hourly rate, varying based on the project’s complexity and scope. Generally, Design Services make up about 10% of your overall budget. Once I receive your project details, I’ll offer a more precise estimate tailored to your specific requirements.

I adapt to the project’s rhythm. Virtual Interior Design projects generally span one to two months from initiation to completion, with the implementation timeframe left to your discretion. In contrast, Full Service Interior Design projects may extend from four months to two years for full completion, contingent on factors such as the level of detail, home size, and the builder’s timeline.

Absolutely! I’ve collaborated with clients across the Western Cape. Although my national and international projects are currently limited, I am always eager to discover more about the unique characteristics of your home.

I am known within close circles for creating harmoniously balanced spaces that exude a refreshing modernity while maintaining a timeless appeal. The distinctive Denise Celia Living style is characterized by warmth, thoughtfulness, and an inviting ambiance. My portfolio showcases homes featuring traditional details and vintage pieces, as well as those with sleek lines and organic materials, all seamlessly infused with our signature aesthetic. I work with a skilled team of design professionals to tailor their work to meet the specific needs of each client, considering factors such as lifestyle, and whether the space is a new build or undergoing renovation. I take a personalized approach, matching each design to a client’s unique aesthetic and lifestyle preferences.

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